Food Notes & Tousim 31/01/2015

When an olive farm invests in innovation becomes a success story

The Carmine Farm is ever changing. Agriculture, high quality products, catering and hospitality

I had already decided to focus on the Carmine Farm. Then, when I realized the company slogan, I consolidated more my choice.

With these few words, the company has managed to express the concept of itself effectively and synthetic. Innovation that is developed on the solid foundation of tradition, along a path marked by the constant research for quality.

What strikes me is the ability to excel in all the products that are marketed, extra virgin oil to pasta, through the chocolate and confectionery oil.

I did not forget some panettone reworked oil - no butter - which looks like a sweet very digestible. We should all try to prepare our desserts with extra virgin olive oil. For me as a greedy, is the best! Due to its fragrance and its light weight, I can eat some cookies in more than baked with butter.

At the end of everything entered in company you can not get out more. In addition to the farm and fresh produce - which by the way are delivered at home - is also La Tavola del Carmine, a place where you can taste and enjoy the fruits of the land of the Garden, the meat from the herd courtyard, pasta with beans grown in the land business. All - of course - embellished with a ride (and a bit more) of extra virgin.

Beyond Oil Carmine and thanks to the mill company, the family Roversi produces oils monovarietali respectable.

The Monovarietale Ascolana presents with vegetal hints of tomato leaves and cut grass. The impact of taste is the driest of tones of almonds and unripe banana. In the final of the mouth there is a great freshness, showing good persistence, thanks to pleasant sensations to love and spicy notes of pepper. I would enjoy it in full on a lasagna with salmon and prawns.

Carmine Farm
Via del Carmine, 51
60020 Ancona (AN)

di Fausto Borella