Grapevine & Wine31/07/2014

Red wine flavonoids could help vascular health

Many epidemiological studies have now evaluated the relationship between alcohol intake and health outcomes. There is increasing evidence that a higher flavonoid intake is associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease in populations

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Health & Gastronomy31/07/2014

Home test for detecting potentially dangerous levels of caffeine

Researchers tested an enzyme called caffeine dehydrogenase and found that it could detect caffeine in a variety of drinks, with the exception of teas, within one minute

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World News31/07/2014

Insect-resistant genetically modified cotton MON 15985 for food and feed uses

The EFSA GMO Panel could not conclude on the potential occurrence of unintended effects for agronomic and phenotypic characteristics owing to data limitations

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Grapevine & Wine30/07/2014

The revolutionary new process for extracting the wine must

An innovative procedure for pressing white grapes and extracting and clarifying the must. The Alfa Laval Foodtec Centrifuge reduces drastically the amount of fermentation residue produced compared to conventional processes, but the same system also extracts the wine

di S. C.
Olive & Oil30/07/2014

Fertilization induces qualitative changes in the mineral composition of olive fruits

Foliar nutrient fertilization causes a decrease of total phenols and tocopherols. Qualitative changes also in phenols and carbohydrates profiles. The results elucidated an evident association between environmental concentrations of nutrients and chemical composition of olive fruits

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World News30/07/2014

Finland’s love of milk has been traced back to 2500 BC

Scientific results show a clear link between an incoming pre-historic population, milk drinking and the ability to digest milk in adulthood still visible in the genetic distribution of modern Finland

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Health & Gastronomy30/07/2014

A single human gene linked to suicide?

The discovery suggests that changes in a gene involved in the function of the brain’s response to stress hormones plays a significant role in turning what might otherwise be an unremarkable reaction to the strain of everyday life into suicidal thoughts and behaviors

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Health & Gastronomy29/07/2014

Not only polyphenols. Even a fatty acid of extra virgin olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties

Researchers at the University of Jaén have confirmed the presence of nitrooleic acid in three olive varieties. This compound could prevent atherosclerosis and heart disease

di T N

Health & Gastronomy29/07/2014

New protein structure could help treat Alzheimer’s, related diseases

There is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, but the research community is one step closer to finding treatment

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Olive & Oil29/07/2014

In Toledo to discuss markets, health benefits, culinary uses and quality standards of extra virgin olive oil

The next International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes programme will be held at Hotel Fontecruz Toledo, in Toledo, Spain on 24th-26th September 2014

di S. C.
World News25/07/2014

EU adopts its position on the cultivation of genetically modified organisms

The Council today adopted its first-reading position on a draft directive granting to member states more flexibility to decide whether or not they wish to cultivate genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on their territory

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Olive & Oil23/07/2014

When the extra virgin olive oil acidity increases so much?

A countrywide survey elucidated major reasons for high acidity in olive oil. Geographic and environmental factors had no significant effect on oil acidity. High oil acidity evolved particularly from fungus-infected, fully ripened fruit

di R. T.
Science News23/07/2014

New way to solve global ecological problems by using the technology gene drives

The idea is not new, but the Harvard-based researchers have now outlined a technically feasible way to build gene drives that potentially could spread almost any genomic change through populations of sexually reproducing species

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Olive & Oil23/07/2014

3rd Armonia olive oil championship: A.NZ.SA returns

Olive Oil producers, Chefs, Food Bloggers and Foodies will work together to discover the very best Olive oils from the Southern Hemisphere & bring them together on the plate

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Health & Gastronomy21/07/2014

Omega-3 fish oil might help protect against alcohol-related neurodamage

Researchers found there was up to 90 percent less neuroinflammation and neuronal death in the brain cells exposed to alcohol plus DHA than in the cells exposed to alcohol alone

di S. C.
Olive & Oil21/07/2014

Don't cook with olive oil!

A suggest that comes from a British research, readily taken up by the tabloids. Extra virgin only for salads and for cooking? "Fry as do the Chinese, with olive oil and water"

di Antonio G. Lauro